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Prints to Pixels

Francesca Samsel

       Prints to Pixels balances on the fulcrum between art and science.  Activity immersed in collaborations with scientists and computer visualization specialists, we have been on a quest to meld scientific factual understanding with artistic distillation and metaphor as a means of reaching a broader audience and providing a more accessible understanding of environmental issues.  

    Scientists speak a language of mathematical equations, detailed data sets and factual dissection that is not accessible to those beyond their field. My role is to bring the metaphor and poetry of my imagery to broaden the audience and accelerate the understanding of the environmental changes and the social challenges ahead.  

Vapor,  2012

With special thanks to Brandt Westing, TACC Research Engineer

and Jamison Daniels, NCCS, for the vapor visualization.

Science Artist Research Collaborative
Los Alamos National Labs
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VIDEO about the WORK and the PROCESS

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